To Splurge…..and to Splurge Knot.

A recent article entitled “Till Debt Do You Part” talked about the splurges and the necessaries as well as the budget busters and unnecessaries for your wedding. Of course, what this article and many other articles fail to discuss is that there ways to save and splurge AND stay within your budget AND allow you to have your dream wedding.

Wedding planning is an exciting time…..but it doesn’t have to break the bank!

One point that was made is that photobooth is great entertainment. We wholeheartedly agree. In the 10 seasons we’ve provided this service, we’ve NEVER heard anyone say, “I wish I had saved the money and not booked a photo booth.” NEVER! And, what’s even better than that is you can book a photobooth with us for a few dollars per guest. Even better than that, YOU get to keep a print of each session in the booth in an autographed scrapbook. What favor provides THAT? Three cheers for the photobooth!!!!

Beautiful photos don’t have to be a budget buster. We have to equipment and the experience to make you photos memorable.

Another topic was photography. THIS is where it gets a little too black and white (pardon the pun). Price is NOT always a guarantee that you will get what you want. And we prove it over and over. Check out a gallery or two (or more) and see the quality, the consistency, THE FUN, and the encompassing of many different styles that make up a wedding day photography shoot with us. AND, you get print rights, an online gallery with FREE downloads and low price purchase options AND an album. And, while we’re on this topic, why not add the video. A photographer and a videographer who work together will provide you memories that will last a lifetime….at a reasonable cost.

So, when you’re planning on tying The Knot, why not splurge the cost effective way. Give us a call and we’ll help you have it all without spending it all.

Can I see a WHOLE wedding?

Choosing a photographer can be confusing…DO ask to see entire weddings and not just the best of the best.

For many couples, choosing a photographer can be tough. What style am I looking for? What ARE the different styles? How much am I willing to pay? What is the end product? Will I get the print rights? Albums? Online gallery?

Hey! We’ve made this easy. Check out our YouTube channel and see entire weddings and engagement sessions. They move quick, but so does your wedding day! See how we incorporate A LOT of shooting styles to capture your day.

YES, we have excellent equipment….YES, we can enhance images with Photoshop, YES, you get the print rights, an online gallery, and (of course) an album. And, you get all of this at a fair and reasonable price. You also get an 8 week (or less) turnaround time–INCLUDING your album. AND, we can do parent albums.

So, check out our channel. AND, if you got married in the last 5 years (btw, we miss you!!!) and you’d like to see YOUR wedding on our channel, let me know.

Bride Shaming — No—-Shame on YOU!

Bride Shaming — No—-Shame on YOU!

OK, I admit…I am an avid Facebook reader.  As my handsome husband/chauffeur does most of the driving and we both work together from home, I have a lot of time in the car to peruse Facebook boards, as well as my early morning (ie: crack of crack) rise time. It’s practically an obsession, albeit, I DO wish I could overcome it. I moderate a board for wedding pros all over the country, so Facebook also serves as my “virtual water cooler” where I can talk about the news of the day and the news of the industry with people who actually care.

It's the playground all over again.

So, when the bullies bother you, and the popular girls make you want to cry, just walk away.

And, who am I to say that the trend of brides searching for wedding items, vendors, and advice onFacebook boards is necessarily a bad thing? It isn’t…that is, until I see the amount of “shaming” going on. Yes, Facebook is the virtual playground, complete with the popular girls, the wallflowers (or in this instance, the “lurkers”) and the bullies.

If you’ve every read one of these boards and followed a popular thread, you will see these characters (other than “the lurkers”) who have no problem telling you that YOUR way is wrong, that YOUR way is “cheesy”, and that YOUR way is cheap. Yes, this is definitely the playground/the cafeteria all over again.  All that’s missing is the lunch lady with the hairnet.

I don’t even have to give examples…I can hear the collective sigh. You get it! Maybe you’ve even been there. Your own family may have started shaming you the minute you told them the stress of wedding planning was too much and you were going to elope.

For me, the worst is when I see vendors shaming brides. Why? Many of these vendors wouldn’t be anywhere near a particular bride’s wedding—some aren’t even in the same state. I guess it’s just a lonely business, sometimes. Maybe they just need to vent. But shaming a bride, telling her she’s trendy, too late in the game, not budgeting enough for a service or a vendor, etc., never seems like a way to win friends and influence people.

We are in peak engagement season. So my advice to brides is this….it IS your day. Let cool heads and common sense prevail, and DON’T let anyone shame you into anything. Limit your exposure to people, Facebook and other boards, over-zealous vendors, etc., that try and cloud your judgement and practically bring you to tears. It’s not a popularity contest, there are no awards for the “Wedding of the Year”…it’s about two people who fell in love and are binding their relationship…and perhaps a celebration to follow.