Saving and sharing memories…YOUR way!

When I joined my husband’s company, the first thing I noticed about his policies was that he gave people the rights to their photos. Oh, the endless opportunities!

In my younger days, I remember holding on to one or two pictures for dear life…keeping a fading photograph in my wallet until it practically crumbled. Now? I have flush mount photo books on my coffee table. There are at least 50 pictures in a book (if not more), commemorating important, silly, romantic, and MEMORABLE moments…and there’s no fading or crumbling here!

We DO make beautiful albums, if it’s within your budget. But, if you want the freedom to create YOUR memories, whether it is through a traditional scrapbook, digital book, or even framing, keep in mind that receiving your digital images on a disc allows you to be able to create a memory at a moment’s notice.

You don’t have to be an artist, or even highly creative. There are many resources on-line to help you (Snapfish, Shutterfly, etc.) Every picture tells a story—why not tell yours in YOUR special way. And, if you’re getting married soon, remember…there are always anniversaries and other special occasions where you’ll want to relive your memories. Having images on disc preserves them the best way possible—and we give you that as part of our services.