Engagement Shoots and why we love them!

Valentine’s Day is February 14th.  It is said to be one of the busiest days for proposals.  So, first off, let me congratulate all of the newly engaged. Your engagement is a special time—enjoy it!

Engagement Photography

Congratulations to all couples who are getting engaged this Valentine’s Day!


Why should we do an engagement shoot?

Why not!  OK…you need a little more convincing.  Think about it.  How many “selfies” do you have on your phone?  What’s the quality of those selfies like?  When you got the ring, did you hold the phone up and take a snap?  It’s a perfect shot, right?  Doubtful!!!  How about a sharp, vivid, beautiful picture showing your love for each other in a fun or beautiful setting?  Your big news should be shouted to the world…why not announce it in style!

What is an engagement shoot like?

An engagement shoot can be a little like a choreographed date.  Walk this way, sit next to each other here, tell each other you love them…KISS, and repeat.  In between, I like to chat about where you’re at with your wedding plans, how beautiful/interesting the location we chose, etc.  It should be a fun hour.  The most fun will be sharing your engagement photos.

Aren’t we going to have enough pictures taken on our wedding day?

Sure.  You’ll have a lot of images—a lot of memories from your wedding day.  BUT…you won’t look the same, or feel the same on your wedding day.  So, why not capture a time that’s a little less of a “whirlwind” and a little more about why the two of you got together in the first place.

Engagement Photography

It’s about the two of you…and why you’re getting married in the first place!

We’re ready for an engagement shoot. What’s next?

Pick your season.    Are you spring/fall outdoor people?  Are you summer in the city?  Maybe you LOVE a good snowball fight!

Pick your location.  A famous landmark, a covered bridge, a cozy cottage, or a quiet park.  The options are endless!

What can we do with these images?

Plenty!  You can use them for Save The Dates, include one or two in a wedding program, decorate your tables at the reception, create a signing book…and, of course, decorate your together home.

Oh yes…you MAY even want to get rid of that “selfie” you are using on social media 😉

Why do WE love them?

WE love them because it’s an opportunity to work with you BEFORE your big day!  It’s a more casual encounter…a more relaxed setting.  It gives us a window on your world.  And we hope it makes you just that much more comfortable with your decision.  You made the right decision—each other.  We hope your decision to chose US was just as right for you 😉


You need to attend a Bridal Show…NOW! What you don’t know about shows (and NEED to know!)

It’s Engagement Season

You are newly engaged! Congratulations! You’re finally getting around to that wedding. Let us help. OK, so it’s sort of last minute…that’s OK. It CAN be done. No matter what stage you’re at, you should plan on attending a bridal show.

ACCSVP Engagement Photo

Planning your wedding at a Bridal Show can be a pleasant experience.

So, you’re planning on attending a Bridal Show

What is it like at a bridal show? Well…it CAN be sensory overload mixed into a carnival-esque atmosphere. It’s vendors who have a limited time and space vying for your attention. BUT, it’s an event that can help you cross off all the important details of your day with one-stop shopping. It’s an event that’s meant for couples planning for one of the most important days of their lives.

You may not realize these things about the show. First of all, we vendors pay a lot of money to be at a show. We may seem a little anxious—maybe even a little rushed and pushy. Believe me, this isn’t OUR normal. THIS is our show demeanor, based on the urgency of the event. We want to talk to as many brides as possible and we have 30 seconds (maybe?) to capture your attention. Bridal shows are what fills in our calendar…how we earn our living…how we eat for the next 2 years. It’s a lot of pressure for us. But, that aside, we DO enjoy meeting you, talking with you, and listening to your love stories and your plans for your big day.

Bridal Show 101

How can YOU, the planning couple, make the experience more pleasant for yourself AND everyone else? First, be prepared to answer one basic question over and over—WHEN are you getting married? For us, we have a fixed number of available slots for services. Second, if you’re NOT interested in a service or product, be polite. A little kindness can go a long way when a vendor has been on their feet talking for many hours. Third, if you DO need services, come prepared to book. Most vendors will take credit cards and/or checks, and would love to take care of you at the show…saving you from taking time from your busy schedule for another appointment.

If you DO need some extra time, make an appointment that day.  Make sure you mark any literature you have received from vendors you love—you will have a lot to go through once you get home.

ACCSVP Engagement Photography Bridal

Although weddings take a lot of planning and preparation, you still need time to kick back and enjoy your engagement. Take care of the details at a bridal show.

Preparation is key

A little homework before the show can save you time later. Find the website or Facebook page for the show you are attending and look at the vendor list. Most sites will have links to these vendors’ sites and you can go over what they have to offer BEFORE you meet with them at the show. If you have your questions ready for vendors it will enable you to make educated decisions and give you confidence to solidify your plans.

Follow up

You will receive A LOT of information at the show.  In order to ensure that you can secure your dates with vendors you would like to work with, call them IMMEDIATELY.  Did you love a particular vendor?  Chances are that others did, too…so don’t risk losing that vendor due to procrastination.  As a vendor, my least favorite phrase is, “Sorry, I’m already booked on your date.”  So, take care of those bookings right away.

Bridal shows can be an important AND fun part of the engagement experience, so enjoy your time at the show and use the information you obtain before, during and after the show to plan the wedding of your dreams. That being said, don’t get so caught up in the planning that you forget that the reason for all of this is THE MARRIAGE!

ACCSVP Engagement Photography Bridal

Don’t forget WHY!

We hope to see you at a show this month. Click on the links below and mark your calendars!


January 14th & 15th Wedding Show – I-X Center

 Michaud’s     http://www.michaudscatering.com/bridal-show-2017

Wagner’s     http://www.wagnersofwestlake.com/events/bridal-show.html

The Maronite Center     http://www.musicmandjservices.com/BreathtakingBridalExpoatTheMaroniteCenter.aspx

Mr. Anthony’s     http://bridalspectacularonline.com/

Janai & Derrick Engagement Cultural Gardens Of Cleveland

From Janai & Derrick. Posted by A Crystal Clear Sound Video Photo and Photo Booth on 6/24/2016 (12 items)

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Brittany & David’s Wedding at The Embassy Suites Pittsburgh Airport

From Brittany & David. Posted by A Crystal Clear Sound Video Photo and Photo Booth on 6/18/2016 (21 items)

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Chloe and Jordan’s wedding in Butler PA

From Chloe and Jordan. Posted by A Crystal Clear Sound Video Photo and Photo Booth on 5/15/2016 (21 items)

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Money Changes Everything

How many brides to be wish to be showered with money BEFORE the wedding?

How many brides to be wish to be showered with money BEFORE the wedding?

How many times do you, as a bride to be, look at your budget and say, “If only I had a bigger budget!”  Let me ask THIS….is it your budget or your expectations?  Are you so caught up with the online bridal world, the TV shows, your family and friends, that you’ve let your own dreams take a back seat to what you’ve been told you need, want or have to have.  Let’s talk about this.

Depending upon which site your addicted to or which news service you subscribe to, the average cost of a wedding is somewhere between $25K and $32K.  In relation to other necessities of life, that amount would be comparable to a really nice new car, rent for 2 years, a down payment on a home, two years of college (or the repayment of the loans)….this list can go on forever.

So, how can you save money on your wedding day?   Here’s a few tips and none of them involve eloping 😉  Trust us…even THAT costs money!

  1.  Check the size of your bridal party.  Less definitely means MORE savings.  Think of all the expenses that surround the bridal party — flowers, gifts, transportation, etc.  And, while we’re on the topic of the bridal party, explore some alternative attire options.  For the gentlemen, think about suits that can be re-worn with coordinating ties.  For the ladies, explore some off the rack options, as well as places like Target.

    A not too small/not too large bridal party makes for a more relaxed and lovely day!

    A not too small/not too large bridal party makes for a more relaxed and lovely day!

2.  Off-season or other non-prime dates.  Using a day other than Saturday or getting married at a non-peak time of the year may net you savings.  It will also save you the frustration of not being able to use the vendors you would like to use because they are busy.

Book our videography and photography together...save money, time and energy!

Book our videography and photography together…save money, time and energy!

3.   Bundle services (HEY!  That’s where WE come in).  Many vendors are adding services to their line up—why not take advantage of deals that involve bundling services.  We offer photo, video, DJ, and photo booth, as well as uplighting, ceremony music and engagement session.  Not only do you save money, you save time and energy.

4.   If possible, have your ceremony and reception at the same location.  You’ll save money on venue space, transportation costs, decorating, etc.

Having your ceremony and reception at the same venue has many cost saving benefits.

Having your ceremony and reception at the same venue has many cost saving benefits.

5.   Make sure you understand your contract to avoid duplication AND hidden charges.  Misunderstandings and paying for extras on the day of OR shortly thereafter are almost always unplanned for expenses.  At A Crystal Clear, we pride ourselves in being upfront—you always know what you’re getting and what you’ve paid for.

6.  Your timeline needs to be set in advance.  Buffer time needs to be included, but time IS money, so sticking to a pre-defined schedule will save you from unexpected fees and stress.

7.    Don’t let other people talk you into things that aren’t important to you.  For example, if you’re not a cake person, find an alternative that makes you happy.  You may end up spending less money in the process.  This is important for every decision that has to be made, from your dress, flowers, decorating, photo, dj, etc.

Alternatives to traditional wedding cake are fun and can often be a lesser expensive way to personalize your wedding.

Alternatives to traditional wedding cake are fun and can often be a lesser expensive way to personalize your wedding.

We’re here to help.  Call the office and we’ll talk about alternatives that can help you have the wedding you want at a price you can afford.277


Heather & Brett Engagement at Lanterman’s Mill

From Heather & Brett. Posted by A Crystal Clear Sound Video Photo and Photo Booth on 4/25/2016 (12 items)

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Are you recently engaged! There’s so much to do and it can be very overwhelming. We’re here to help.

Call the office today….Photography, videography, disc jockey, photo booth, uplighting, ceremony music, engagement sessions…we do it all!

It's that time of the year.....Valentine's Day!

It’s that time of the year…..Valentine’s Day!

Sorry seems to be the hardest word…

The day flies by…faster than you can say, “I Do”.  Will you have any regrets?  Let’s hope not….not if we can help it.  

Articles are inundating the bridal blog sites trying to pin down brides’ greatest regrets.  What are TWO of the biggest, “I’m sorry” moments?  Photography and videography.  WHY didn’t we book a videographer?  And, why didn’t we pay more attention to the photography?

Don’t ask those questions…just ask if A Crystal Clear Sound Video Photo and Photo booth has availability.  We’ll capture the day….before it flies by!



Bridal Show Specials Continue Until January 31, 2016

Did you visit with us at a bridal show this month?

Call the office today– we are still offering bridal show specials for bookings completed BEFORE January 31, 2016.

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