Can I see a WHOLE wedding?

Choosing a photographer can be confusing…DO ask to see entire weddings and not just the best of the best.

For many couples, choosing a photographer can be tough. What style am I looking for? What ARE the different styles? How much am I willing to pay? What is the end product? Will I get the print rights? Albums? Online gallery?

Hey! We’ve made this easy. Check out our YouTube channel and see entire weddings and engagement sessions. They move quick, but so does your wedding day! See how we incorporate A LOT of shooting styles to capture your day.

YES, we have excellent equipment….YES, we can enhance images with Photoshop, YES, you get the print rights, an online gallery, and (of course) an album. And, you get all of this at a fair and reasonable price. You also get an 8 week (or less) turnaround time–INCLUDING your album. AND, we can do parent albums.

So, check out our channel. AND, if you got married in the last 5 years (btw, we miss you!!!) and you’d like to see YOUR wedding on our channel, let me know.

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