Engagement Shoots and why we love them!

Valentine’s Day is February 14th.  It is said to be one of the busiest days for proposals.  So, first off, let me congratulate all of the newly engaged. Your engagement is a special time—enjoy it!

Engagement Photography

Congratulations to all couples who are getting engaged this Valentine’s Day!


Why should we do an engagement shoot?

Why not!  OK…you need a little more convincing.  Think about it.  How many “selfies” do you have on your phone?  What’s the quality of those selfies like?  When you got the ring, did you hold the phone up and take a snap?  It’s a perfect shot, right?  Doubtful!!!  How about a sharp, vivid, beautiful picture showing your love for each other in a fun or beautiful setting?  Your big news should be shouted to the world…why not announce it in style!

What is an engagement shoot like?

An engagement shoot can be a little like a choreographed date.  Walk this way, sit next to each other here, tell each other you love them…KISS, and repeat.  In between, I like to chat about where you’re at with your wedding plans, how beautiful/interesting the location we chose, etc.  It should be a fun hour.  The most fun will be sharing your engagement photos.

Aren’t we going to have enough pictures taken on our wedding day?

Sure.  You’ll have a lot of images—a lot of memories from your wedding day.  BUT…you won’t look the same, or feel the same on your wedding day.  So, why not capture a time that’s a little less of a “whirlwind” and a little more about why the two of you got together in the first place.

Engagement Photography

It’s about the two of you…and why you’re getting married in the first place!

We’re ready for an engagement shoot. What’s next?

Pick your season.    Are you spring/fall outdoor people?  Are you summer in the city?  Maybe you LOVE a good snowball fight!

Pick your location.  A famous landmark, a covered bridge, a cozy cottage, or a quiet park.  The options are endless!

What can we do with these images?

Plenty!  You can use them for Save The Dates, include one or two in a wedding program, decorate your tables at the reception, create a signing book…and, of course, decorate your together home.

Oh yes…you MAY even want to get rid of that “selfie” you are using on social media 😉

Why do WE love them?

WE love them because it’s an opportunity to work with you BEFORE your big day!  It’s a more casual encounter…a more relaxed setting.  It gives us a window on your world.  And we hope it makes you just that much more comfortable with your decision.  You made the right decision—each other.  We hope your decision to chose US was just as right for you 😉


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