“I’ve Just Seen A Face”—not covered by a cell phone!

I’ve just read ANOTHER article about technology and your wedding. The order of operation has become ring, dress and then “plugged or unplugged”. Five years ago, our biggest concern was Uncle Faux-tographer and whether or not he would get in the way of the pro. Today, it’s a sea of cell phones and I-Pads, hashtags, posting, Liking, Instagraming, etc.

Who came up with the brilliant idea that we should no longer observe the world with our senses—everything must be documented?
What can be done?
When did we lose sight of what a wedding was about?
Where do we start?
Why is this a problem?

As I talk to couples, I have come to realize that many do not see this as an issue—they’ve grown up with every event of their lives being documented on The Internet. Their cell phones are their lifelines. Flattering or, often times unflattering, every move they make ends up on some social media site.

But, at the same time, couples DO express their concerns about pictures in general. Will we have enough time? How can we hide imperfections? Can we get a more “candid” feel?

Unplugging your wedding, or politely asking your guests to refrain from using their electronic devices at your event will be looked at with disdain by some. But, if you want to accomplish YOUR goals as a couple with regards to photo/video AND the general demeanor of your day, be the trendsetter.

You’ve all read about photographers who claim that guests taking pictures ruin THEIR pictures. MOST of what is said is true. However, how does guest faux-tography affect YOU? Here’s the real story…

–Bridal party, parents, family and guests who are concentrating on taking pictures are NOT paying attention to their assigned duties. This can cause delays, loss of photo opportunities and added (and unnecessary stress).

—Unflattering or even unwelcome images can end up on social media at inopportune times. You didn’t want the groom to see you in your dress, but your maid of honor just posted it — and he saw.

–Instead of eye contact, joyful tears, and smiles during all of your well thought-out events, you see cameras, phones, devices. Not exactly what you envisioned, right?

–That short, sweet family photo session you wanted after the ceremony? Allow everyone to practice their image capturing skills and it will become THE most long, drawn out session with heads and eyes turned EVERYWHERE. A little more candid than you may have hoped for, but hey—-you encouraged your guests to do this.

Yes, you CAN say no. You do not have to go as far as confiscating devices at the start of your event. But, you CAN make your feelings known and you can absolutely delegate the responsibility of monitoring this to a trusted friend. Not everyone will comply, but if you make it clear through signage and information in programs or at place settings, people WILL get the message.

We realize that everyone wants a picture and there is a time and a place. Discuss your options ahead of time. But when you consider the need to unplug your wedding, remember that a professional photographer who has no guest obstruction will be able to get the shots that you need with warm faces in the background—not cold electronics.

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