Should I hire a videographer?

We provide many services to help make your wedding ceremony and reception memorable and capture those memories for a lifetime.  Photos are vital for preserving the elements that made the day special.  But often times I hear that couples don’t find  videotaping their wedding day as important.  Here are a few thoughts that contradict those feelings.


While a bride gets ready for the biggest day of her life,  isn’t she usually wondering what her husband-to-be is thinking?  We capture that moment with an interview of the groom.  What about his thoughts as she walks down the aisle?  What was he saying?  With the aid of a wireless microphone, those words can be heard again and again.  Did I really cry while saying my vows?  A photo can catch a tear, but a videographer can capture that tear in your voice as well.


At the reception, how good did we look when we marched into the hall?  It’s more memorable in motion.  And what about that toast?  Was everyone laughing as hard as we were?  Did my maid of honor really cry throughout most of it?  Were all eyes on me during our first dance?  And how did our parents react?  Was this a moment I truly never want to forget?


At the risk of being overly sentimental, I look back on weddings I have filmed and smile, knowing that beloved parents and grandparents are able to be remembered animated and happy as they watch their children and grandchildren pass another milestone.  And, of course, I have interviewed countless friends and relatives who look right into the camera and leave well-wishes and anecdotes that the bride and groom might not hear through the course of a hectic and busy day.


So, if  a videographer is in your budget, why not preserve your memories in more than one medium?  And besides—it’s a great excuse for an after-wedding movie night get-together.

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