To Splurge…..and to Splurge Knot.

A recent article entitled “Till Debt Do You Part” talked about the splurges and the necessaries as well as the budget busters and unnecessaries for your wedding. Of course, what this article and many other articles fail to discuss is that there ways to save and splurge AND stay within your budget AND allow you to have your dream wedding.

Wedding planning is an exciting time…..but it doesn’t have to break the bank!

One point that was made is that photobooth is great entertainment. We wholeheartedly agree. In the 10 seasons we’ve provided this service, we’ve NEVER heard anyone say, “I wish I had saved the money and not booked a photo booth.” NEVER! And, what’s even better than that is you can book a photobooth with us for a few dollars per guest. Even better than that, YOU get to keep a print of each session in the booth in an autographed scrapbook. What favor provides THAT? Three cheers for the photobooth!!!!

Beautiful photos don’t have to be a budget buster. We have to equipment and the experience to make you photos memorable.

Another topic was photography. THIS is where it gets a little too black and white (pardon the pun). Price is NOT always a guarantee that you will get what you want. And we prove it over and over. Check out a gallery or two (or more) and see the quality, the consistency, THE FUN, and the encompassing of many different styles that make up a wedding day photography shoot with us. AND, you get print rights, an online gallery with FREE downloads and low price purchase options AND an album. And, while we’re on this topic, why not add the video. A photographer and a videographer who work together will provide you memories that will last a lifetime….at a reasonable cost.

So, when you’re planning on tying The Knot, why not splurge the cost effective way. Give us a call and we’ll help you have it all without spending it all.

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