Wedding Day Timeline

Well, it happened again.  Another bride came to me with NO idea where to start.  A simple timeline was the answer.  And I’m always happy to see the frustration leave the bride (and maid of honor’s) face as I explained how everything could be taken care of and her day run smoothly.

Wedding coordination is definitely in my blood.  I’ve been organizing events since I was little.  Neighborhood puppetshows with snacks was where I got my start.  I may have been all of six, I’m not sure.  Later it was desks and sock drawers at home, followed by a home of my own, life with three small children, and lastly, social and charitable events.  From charity luncheons to PTA carnivals to class reunions, my family has witnessed me plan events from the ground up, as well as tweak established happenings and make them run smoother.  Planning weddings is definitely a natural progression, after following brides around with a camera, video camera, and/or microphone.

Do YOU need help with this important aspect of your day?  Please give me a call.  I’d love to help you!  As part of your service from our company, I make sure you are comfortable and are aware of what needs to be done as well as offer you some options on what can be done. 

Our photographers and videographers will keep you on track and make sure that you get the pictures you want — the memories that you will keep long after the wedding is over.  And our DJs make sure that the LAST accessory you should need on your big day is a watch.  A careful review of the day before the wedding ensures that YOU don’t have to worry. 

The running joke is that I’ve taken on the role of Jennifer Lopez (aka:  “The Wedding Planner”).  Truth is, I have….and I enjoy it.  Call me–let me prove it to you!

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