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You want your event to be fun…right?
    Have you ever attended an event and thought, “The DJ seems to be playing what the DJ wants to hear.”  Or, “Why is the DJ only playing one type of music?”  Or, even, “I’ve seen this act before…it’s exactly the same as the last wedding this DJ worked.”  None of these thoughts should enter your mind if you book the right DJ. We have 35 years of DJ experience.  Let our coordinator help YOU plan the evening you’ve envisioned, with guidance and time-tested suggestions to make your evening successful.  For your cocktail hour and dinner hour we allow YOU to decide the style you would like to hear during dinner….whether it be jazzy or upbeat, light popular music.  Would you like R&B or country?  Maybe you want a touch of Italy?  You tell us.Your grand introduction reflects YOU.  Make it sophisticated or LET IT ROCK!  Cutting the cake can be light and sweet or you can add a touch of mischief.  And, of course, no event would be complete without first dances and family dances.  Your songs have significance and make those moments special.  Tell us what YOU want to dance to, or let us suggest something to make your special time on the dance floor a memory you will cherish.  Having a bouquet and garter toss?  You HAVE choices with your music.  Let your song choices reflect your personality.Do you need help from the DJ to get your crowd involved?  Ask about “The Circle of Love”.  Many memorable occasions have included this special dance that brings your family and friends together with the focus on YOU.  How about a Dollar Dance?  If it is your wish, we can make it happen.  Many photo opportunities and loving family moments, as well as a little silliness can be shared during a Dollar Dance/Honeymoon Dance/Money Dance—whatever YOU wish to call it.  Is a special dance highlighting your married guests appropriate for your event?  If it is, let’s add that.  It definitely reminds people what weddings are all about.And what about DJ interaction?  Do you want your DJ to assist in line dance instruction?  Or would you like your DJ to simply make announcements, take requests, and keep the party going.  Whatever YOU choose, be assured that your DJ will not only be accommodating, but will continue to monitor the evening and keep you on schedule while allowing you to enjoy the company of your guests.We have  thousands songs available at all times, as well as any special music you have requested beforehand.  Our database is updated with all of the popular hits, and we have a huge library of oldies and classic songs from the pop, rock, country, rap, hip-hop, 90’s, 80’s, Motown…OK, you get it.  We’ve got a LOT of songs.  Our DJs are trained to read your crowd and find the right mix of music.  Choose a few “must-haves” and leave the rest to our experienced DJs who will keep your crowd dancing.So, now that you know about us, what’s stopping you?  Book the DJ service as part of a package or as an individual service.  We’ll make your event memorable.

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